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LOS ANGELES march '07

  • Dsc00542
    I have been to LA a few times but always for work and never with enough time to explore the city beyond an LAX hotel. This trip I stayed a few extra days and played tourist. It was a short visit but a good one. I really liked what i saw and enjoyed what I did. I need to come back and spend more time here.

MAINE october '06

  • Maine Colors
    Chirag, Dr. David, Subodh and Jerry flew up to meet me and my parents in Maine to do some leaf-peeping. We spent some time in Augusta - the state capital. We drove up into the mountains to the little village of Rangeley where my family used to live. We also went to the coast - Dr. David and I to Camden with my parents and the Indians to Acadia National Park. I am always happy when my friends get to experience Maine. It's very special to me. So are they.

ROME october '06

  • Our apt in Rome
    In October I visited Rome for the first time as part of a trip with my mother, Suzanne, Grant, and Daryl. We stayed right outside the Vatican City walls and spent a lot of time there. It was very special to be there at the center of the Catholic Church and so much history and beauty with my mother.

MOUNT PLEASANT graduation '06

  • Img_6442
    Congratulations to Grant for completing his degree at American University. Family and friends gathered in Mount Pleasant to wish him well. It was a fun celebration of a major milestone.

BELGIUM & LONDON march '06

  • Dsc03958
    After a business trip to Brussels, my mother joined me and Miguel for some touristing in Belgium and then London. Miguel and Phillippe were great hosts at their home in Antwerp - as always. After some time in Belgium, Miguel, Ma and I took the Chunnel train to London. It was her first time in London. It was my first time there with her and with Miguel - which made it all new and interesting in a different way. We spent the days roaming the city and the nights - roaming the city - but without Ma - safely tucked in bed. It was a great week.

INDIA february '06

  • Cappcuino in Frankfurt
    This was my first trip to India. I am thrilled that i got to spend two weeks traveling around with Andy & Adi. We were lucky to be joined by Manu for much of the trip. He is a native of Delhi and now a new friend. Step inside to see some pics from our adventures in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Ranthanbore, Udaipur, and many interesting spots in between...

BEIJING december '05

  • From hotel window
    I spent ten cold December days in Beijing. It was my first visit to China and it was wonderful. You can feel the energy of change all around you. The people are so welcoming. The food is incredible. I was fortunate to make a few new friends and to practice and hang out with a swim team there. It was all very fun.

MOUNT PLEASANT thanksgiving '05

  • M & P
    Thanksgiving 2005 in Mount Pleasant was a joyful celebration with family and good friends from near and far. I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Thanks to all of you for making it a wonderful holiday. Again.

JAPAN september '05

  • Garden Serenity
    I went to Tokyo for work and decided to stay an extra week for vacation. I asked my mother if she wanted to join me there - expecting her to say no. She surprised me. We had a wonderful vacation together. I also got to spend two weeks visiting with a good friend, Shu. We met last year in Tokyo and have become good friends. He is a beautiful person.

ANTWERP september '05

  • Dsc02393
    Miguel and Philippe's wedding on September 3rd was a beautiful, simple, and traditional ceremony at the town hall in Kapellan. They were surrounded by friends and family that love them. I am so happy that they asked me to share the day with them.

MAINE august '05

  • Dsc02336
    Fun times in Maine for a long weekend...
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November 19, 2007


Jiffy Cat

Since it's my photo I get 2 votes and both go to the pumpkin cheese cake. That's the same recipe Mrs. Jiffy makes it's good. Cheers!


Any of those sound great - can't wait!


Any of those sound great - can't wait!


Any of those sound great - can't wait!


I also have the recipe that I've made for us in the past and I think you made once. Let me know if you want it. Have fun!!


How could you possibly decide. They all sound SO yummy!


They all sound delicious. I vote for the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Swirl. Double Layer Pumpkin Cheescake would of course be the runner up :-).

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