> MOUNT PLEASANT thanksgiving '05

Miguel makes dinner
dinner time
Joel and his tarte tartin
Joel and Miguel
Tai Shan sleeping
Sarah & baby Tai Shan
James in silk with Joel & Miguel
Suz, Sarah, Miguel & Joel in line to see the baby panda
Suz & Sarah at the zoo
I like shoe shots - at the zoo
Miguel, Deanna & Tim
Tim with a turkey neck
Thanksgiving Morning
Deanna & Joel on smoke break
Miguel on the back porch
Never too cold for a cig and wine
Deanna checking recipes
Deanna prepping the turkey
Tim shooting Deanna
Breakfast Thanksgiving Morning
Deanna & Tim sideways
Suz & Dianne
Claire in the kitchen
Basting the tofurkey
Dianne & Grant peeling apples
Sarah's Creation
The Tofurkey
The Thanksgiving Spread
Claire explaining the benefits of Tofurkey
Dessert Table
Thanksgiving toast
Miguel, Philippe & Joel
Gathering for dinner
...And this one is...
Deanna & Tim at work in the kitchen
James & Francisco
Joel, Daryl & David
Deanna & Tim
Those eyes!
I am thankful for...
Miguel enjoys Tim's Trick
Pick a card...
Not sure what is going on here
Ta Da!!
Grant & Stephaan
Dinner Chat